Kikou Energy: Returning to Self-freedom

Importance of Kokoro

Kokoro is a Japanese term used to express the mind, heart, and soul. It is closely connected with self -realization, and an awareness of the motivations behind our actions in life. Kokoro is closely tied with traditional religions and teachings in Japanese culture, and is an essential element of Japanese identity. Kokoro is an important foundation in the work I do.

Kikou Energy

Ki is the energy and Kou is the functional ability. It is an invisible energy, which has been passed on by the forefathers who achieved the realization of this truth.
Ki, as a concept, is not Japanese but has been utilized globally. It is not specific to Japan, and there are many variations of it found across the world.
According to string theory and quantum mechanics, the universe consists of energy and undulation. With the power of consciousness, it is possible to control this energy and undulation.

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I eventually discovered a variety of research on the topic, and realized there were certain common negative behavioral characteristics found in individuals diagnosed with rheumatism (one of my mother’s illnesses) that were shared with my mother. This showed me the connection between negativity and illness and how a poor state of Kokoro can cause diseases and ailments.

When my mom was in the end stages of cancer, I felt inspired to help those with inner struggles and to heal their Kokoro. I was deeply intrigued in the relationship between the mind, the heart, and the body. I believe that Kokoro of the body and Kokoro of the soul come together to form a human being, and by applying methods to heal the inner issues of Kokoro, it can bring forth a positive change in one’s life.

In my journey to discover more about the relationship between Kokoro and illness, I began to research within the fields of psychology and counseling. This is when I discovered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a method developed in the US that attempts to change a person’s behavior through linguistic techniques and intervention. This approach seemed to be quite effective, and having spent my formative years in the States, I connected with it easily.
However, NLP might not be the most valid pathway for an individual sharing similar traits to my mother, where a cycle of victimization and an inability to listen to advice from others meant that trying new things or making changes was very difficult.

How can we bring healing to those who don’t want to engage with a healing process? Are there techniques for healing a person’s Kokoro that don’t rely on direct dialogue? I came to realize that another approach was needed. I went through many days and nights thinking to myself and trying to discover a suitable method for what I was seeking. My colleague had a book called Conversations with God. While reading it, I realized that there may be energy beyond our visible understanding. This was eye opening. It expanded my horizon beyond the world of my comprehension, liberating me from preconceived notions. I recognized that there are people who heal with invisible powers. I saw great possibility and grew very interested in this approach, but at this point I had not linked the existence of Ki with healing.

From my experience, I knew of “Ki” as a concept in martial arts that describes the relationship of energy with the body. Training Ki strengthens physical and mental capabilities. When you are in tune with Ki, you may have a profound sense of awareness of space and your surroundings, as well as the distance between you and your opponent. However, I did not know that “Ki” could be applied to healing.
Slightly skeptical, I joined a workshop focused on healing with invisible energy. This is when I discovered that the key to indivisible energy was “Ki”.
I had believed that healing with invisible energy was a unique innate special power, but I discovered that it was an acquired ability that could be obtained through training. I realized that the method of healing with invisible energy and the method of controlling Ki in martial arts was essentially the same entity. This was an incredible personal discovery. It was a revelation that Ki could be applied to the remedy of Kokoro, and it inspired me to study Kikou Energy devotedly.
Being exposed to different teachings and cultures (Japan and the US), I was able to combine my lived knowledge and experiences from over the years in the pursuit of learning how to heal the Kokoro through Ki and Kikou, and not to be close minded or rigid in my approach. I have developed a way of incorporating multiple methods, including psychology and quantum physics, to pass on energy in the process of healing the Kokoro.

What is Mind Energy Science (MES)?

In Japan, many energy workers who apply Kikou to their work also incorporate it with body works. My specialty is to focus strongly on the inner awareness and energy of Kokoro. Many of those who work with spiritual energy tend to explain their reasoning through religious backgrounds. This gives a false impression to people that there is a lack of scientific evidence behind the usage of spiritual energy. Science is based upon theories and experiments that collect and examine data. I was fascinated with how to apply a scientific approach in my work with Kikou. I wanted to use scientific reasoning in relation with invisible energy to substantially lead to the freedom of the soul.Eventually I came to know ways of healing people using invisible energy through my introduction to the concept of Ki. “Ki,” or Prana in India, is called the energy of the universe, and I learned that there were practices using this invisible energy for healing purposes.

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I started this journey towards my current approach to Kokoro healing through studies in the United States into a psychological method called NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming).
NLP spoke to me as something both intriguing and amazing. However, I felt there was a limit to healing the inner issues of an individual utilizing a strictly verbal approach (which is the approach of most counseling and psychological therapies). The question of how to transcend this limitation inspired me to further explore.

To see for myself, I took workshops on using breathing techniques and visualizations that allow Ki to flow through the body. At first, I was a little skeptical, until I encountered an amazing result. During the workshop, there was a person with a warped spine and misaligned hip bones. Regular Seitai (body work) practices would use massaging the acupressure points and heating the muscles to correct the misalignment. With Ki practices however, it was just a matter of placing a hand and releasing Ki. Fifteen minutes later, the spine and the hip bones were corrected. Breathing techniques and visualizations were the only two things that was applied in this practice for the results to come true. I was happily surprised and convinced that it could be applied to heal a person’s Kokoro. With Ki, the work of energy is controlled through consciousness and the mind. If it is possible to heal physical parts of the body through the mind, then it must also be able to heal the Kokoro.

What would you like to achieve through this movement?

Ultimately, I wish to assist in contributing to the goal of world peace through this movement. Right now, it seems difficult to find peace in the world. Everyone’s Kokoro is damaged. We see the world with grudge, hatred, and doubt as if it were our enemy. Therefore, crime and war seem to be inevitable.
If that is the case, to fix this, we must heal these issues with Kokoro to find love within; to realize that it is an innate quality that lies as the true essence of our hearts. This is why I came up with the slogan ‘returning to self-freedom’.
Whether knowingly or not, many live their lives in madness being blindfolded from the realization of love within.
Liberation from this madness means providing individuals with undiscovered choices within themselves. To reveal these choices, the blindfold must be removed. Through this process, one may come to realize that love is the most important element in life. If I were love, I would choose to do this. It is not to fix, but to free. For one to experience liberation would naturally result in love, because we are one in existence with this universe.

For those who appear to be doing acts of evil are not necessarily evil themselves, but are blinded from the undiscovered choices of love within. My objective is not to impose “what is correct”, but to liberate the blinding fog that blurs the vista to the path of realization.